Sanctuary of Heart and Spirit




I welcome you to the Sanctuary of Heart and Spirit, where you are invited to create, with me, a one of a kind, unique and personalized ceremony that honors your love, family, traditions, faith, customs, and life.


The Sanctuary of Heart and Spirit  was created to recognize and celebrate the unique Spirit in all people.  The Sanctuary is not in a building.  I will bring Sanctuary to those who want to honor the presence of Love in their gathering or celebration.  Gatherings are held in historic settings, outside in nature, in chapels, banquet halls, hospitals, memorial settings and in other places chosen by those I serve.


I am a licensed and ordained minister and have a Master's Degree in Counseling and Education. My life has been dedicated to recognizing and cherishing the unique and distinct gifts each individual brings to this world.   Some refer to me as the bridge because I love bringing people together and honoring the uniqueness of each person's spirituality.   My definition of "Spirituality" is that which gives essence or effervescence to each person's life.  My work is my passion:  helping individuals to honor their love, faith, spirituality and traditions in their life celebrations. 


My studies include learning about the major faith traditions and major cultural traditions with mentors, leaders, professors, and friends from these traditions.   I am familar with most traditions, including ethnic and Christian, Jewish, earth based, Hindu, and Buddhist, Muslim traditions.  My skill at creating ceremonies that honor the traditions and customs of the individuals and their families lends to my life's vocation.  I work and share with faith leaders of all traditions, and celebrate ceremonies alone or with others.   


An experienced and clinically trained chaplain, I work in hospitals, colleges, hospices, funeral homes, and psychiatric/rehabilitation settings.  My career as enabled me to work as the Director and Coordinators of Government, Local and Community Projects and initiatives as well, as  in ministry, and I cherish working with children, adults and aging citizens in both individual and group settings.  Additionally, my background includes work in multicultural education and counseling, criminal justice, At-risk youth, public relations, and social justice.

As a college teacher and wellness educator, it is a delight to teach courses on Creating and Conducting Rituals and Spiritual Tools for Health and Wholeness and impart my life-long wisdom to my students. Life offers many opportunities for celebrating "Blessings" in our midst and I really look forward to sharing your celebrations of life with you. 



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